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CSR Showroom [UPDATE]

--------------------------------CSR Showroom [UPDATE]--------------------------------------

Converted and customization by 21Ruby

Instalation :
Drag and drop common and pc folder to your GTA IV instalation folder

Or manual instal
- copy csr21ruby to pc/data/maps/
- edit gta.dat
IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/csr21ruby/csr21ruby.IDE

IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/csr21ruby/brand_logo.IPL
- edit images.txt
platformimg:/data/maps/csr21ruby/csr21ruby 0
platformimg:/data/maps/csr21ruby/brand_logo 0

Custom changable brand car logo :
Go to Custom Brand folder

How to change?
- Run OpenIV (Edit mode)
- Go to pc/data/maps/csr21ruby/brand_logo.img
- Open brand_logo.wtd
- Import with your new brand_logo image.
- Done

*If you want to add new brand just use Blank template and make it with photoshop

*If you want to disable brand logo just edit images.txt and delete line
 platformimg:/data/maps/csr21ruby/brand_logo 0
 then save
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*Thanks to Ajay Extrememodder to help

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