Sabtu, 27 Juni 2015


New small garage for your ride
Screenshoot by Cristian Cen,Ravi,Reza and Suwondo

Kamis, 26 Maret 2015


Hi, this is giveaway for my page on facebook reach 200 liked.Im happy for it.
So enjoy this map

Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

CSR Showroom [UPDATE]

--------------------------------CSR Showroom [UPDATE]--------------------------------------

Converted and customization by 21Ruby

Instalation :
Drag and drop common and pc folder to your GTA IV instalation folder

Or manual instal
- copy csr21ruby to pc/data/maps/
- edit gta.dat
IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/csr21ruby/csr21ruby.IDE

IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/csr21ruby/brand_logo.IPL
- edit images.txt
platformimg:/data/maps/csr21ruby/csr21ruby 0
platformimg:/data/maps/csr21ruby/brand_logo 0

Custom changable brand car logo :
Go to Custom Brand folder

How to change?
- Run OpenIV (Edit mode)
- Go to pc/data/maps/csr21ruby/brand_logo.img
- Open brand_logo.wtd
- Import with your new brand_logo image.
- Done

*If you want to add new brand just use Blank template and make it with photoshop

*If you want to disable brand logo just edit images.txt and delete line
 platformimg:/data/maps/csr21ruby/brand_logo 0
 then save
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*Thanks to Ajay Extrememodder to help

Jumat, 27 Februari 2015


Hi hi...whats up, now im working on new custom map.No more track map until now.

Welcome to the Redstone Lake (fiction location)

Beautiful lake scenery with two bridge connected to land of meadow and waterfall on it.

Some boat to explore the lake.
Wooden cottage.
Green vegetation.
Take a deep breath...release stress.

Comming Soon!

Sabtu, 07 Februari 2015

GT4 Autumn Ring

Download Link : Click here

Model from Grand Turismo 4 
Editing mesh, retexturing and converting by 21Ruby 

Changelog : 
  • Editing mesh to fit with open world gameplay experience 
  • Retexturing and re UV map bad mapping 
  • Adding real water (original model using fake water) 
  • beautiful lightning 
Replace : - water.dat 
Instalation : 
Drag and drop common and pc folder to your GTA IV instalation folder 
Or manual instal 
- copy AutumnRingCSR to pc/data/maps/
- edit gta.dat
            IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/AutumnRingCSR/AutumnRingCSR.IDE 
            IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/AutumnRingCSR/AutumnRingCSR.IPL 
- edit images.txt
            platformimg:/data/maps/AutumnRingCSR/AutumnRingCSR 0 
Location : left of Liberty Statue/Happiness island ________________________________________________________________________________

This map will coming with some update later. Stay tune! 
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Enjoy riding your Babe on Autumn Ring!

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Selasa, 27 Januari 2015


My first map release on

Link here : Click here


Hi everyone. Gonna start bloging.
I hope you enjoying my map and keep support me, if you nice guy click paypal button and donate for me. LOL